Spring time!

Spring brings many many exciting things and some not so exciting things.  The best part of spring for me is calving, watch all those cute little baby calves coming into the world.  And the enjoyment of watching the grass come in no more feeding hay.  This year we where able to start our rotational grazing April 28th.   Last year it was May 20th so that is a big jump for us.   Many many projects are planned in the winter and become a reality come spring the fencing projects the spring clean ups the mud!

For us at the Bandoli Family Ranch projects set up for the year are tearing out some old barb wire fence and replace with high tensile fence.  Every year we redo a couple miles of fence this way it isn’t to overwhelming and we have time for more than just fencing.  We are tearing down some old buildings and replacing with a newer shop/office building we will also store our Direct sales meat in.  Its exciting tearing down the old and building more efficient and usable facilities.

Along with the project lists that seem to be never ending, we also have 4 farmers markets we are planning to attend this year.   The  markets are Spooner farmers market, Perlick distillery,  the General Store in Barron, Wi, and also the Mid Town farmers market in Minneapolis, MN.  We enjoy going to these markets providing a healthy product for our local community.   We are also able to talk to people about the way we raise our animals, and always invite everyone to come out to our ranch and see how the operation works.  Yes we want our community to buy our product but what’s even more fulfilling is teaching and showing our customers and friends how we raise our animals in the most natural way possible.