Pasture-Raised Pork

  • Heritage breed pigs.
  • Pigs are raised in wooded pasture and supplemented with grain raw and jersey milk, which makes the meat very tender.
  • No antibiotics or hormones are given to the pigs. They are fed and forage different varieties of grasses, grains, vegetables, and what they find rooting in the ground for insects.

Our pasture-raised pigs are processed in August. Taking pre-orders on wholes, halves, and 20/pound pork box.

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Whole Pig
Average 180lbs


½ Pig
Average 90lbs


20lb box
5lbs ham/roast
5lbs chops/steaks
10lbs sausage


*Processing fees are not included in the above pricing. Click here for processing information. 

*Hanging weight is the animal's weight after it has been field dressed but before it has been aged, cut, packaged, and frozen.

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Pork by the Package: 

Pork Chop (2 chops per. package) $7.99/pound

Pork Fat (Ground 15-20# per. Bag) $1.99/pound

Pork Roast $6.49/pound

Pork Bratwursts $7.99/pound

Ham $7.99/pound

Ham Steaks $7.99/pound

Pork Ribs $7.99/pound

Baby Back Ribs $8.99/pound

Bacon $9.99/pound

Pork Sausage (Seasoned and Ground) $6.99/pound

Heart $3.99/pound

liver $3.99/pound

We offer all cuts of meat on pre-orders and sell all cuts at Farmer's Markets.


Currently, for 2021 we will be in Spooner WI, Perlick Distillery Farmers Market, Country Lane Farmers Market, The General Store Farmers in Barron, WI, and Mid Town Farmers Market Minneapolis MN.

Contact us for any questions on availability and for pre-ordering.