Pasture Raised Pigs

Our Pigs and the reason we started raising them.  Our ranch being in Northern Wisconsin has Brush! And land that has never been worked or farmed lots of rocks.  We use the pigs in these areas to clear rocks, brush, and undergrowth.  All hardwood such as oaks are left and everything else is harvested.  The wooded areas get so thick over time grass wont even grow there.  By using the pigs in this way they are able to live in a natural environment they were intended too.  Each summer we give them an acer of land using temporary electric fence.  They eat legumes grasses and whatever they root up old stumps, insects, and roots from brushy areas.   We also give them grain, raw milk from our family milk cows,  and any scraps from our garden.  

All animals we keep on the ranch serve a purpose to rejuvenate our land in the most natural ways possible.  And of course to serve our customers.  We as a family started doing things this way to have healthy meat for our family.

During the growing season we welcome customers and anyone interested in regenerative agriculture to come and see our animals and what it does for our ranch and family.