Hanging weight is the animal's weight after it has been field dressed, but before it has been aged, cut, packaged, and frozen.

Hanging Weight

The weight of the animal after slaughter, and after removal of blood, head, hide, hooves and viscera. In comparison to the live weight, it is about 60% for beef, and 70% for pork. The cost per pound is based on this weight. This weight is also used to determine cut/wrap cost from the butcher.

Live weight of 1000 lbs, yields approximately 600 lbs hanging weight for beef.
Live weight of 220 lbs, yields approximately 154 lbs hanging weight for pork.

Take-Home Weight

 The weight of the meat taken home from the butcher. The final weight is determined by the water loss during the 14-day curing process, along with fat removal, cut type, and amount of bones in the meat. Upon completion, this weight is approximately 65% of the hanging weight.

Hanging weight of 600 lbs yields approximately 392 lbs take-home weight for beef.
Hanging weight of 154 lbs, yields approximately 100 lbs take-home weight for pork.


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