Bandoli Family Ranch

Grass fed beef

  • Grass-Fed Finished Beef
  • No hormones or antibiotics are used. 
  • Rotationally Grazed on lush green grass in the summer months.  Hay is all made on our ranch no chemicals or fertilizer is used. 
  • We are very proud of our product and stand behind in providing all natural grass fed beef the way nature intended.

We have small and large beef packages available.

Freezer Friendly Package:

30lb box: 20lbs hamburger, 5lbs steaks, 5lbs roasts $252

Hanging Beef

Whole Beef Half of Beef Mixed Quarter of Beef
Average 800 lbs Average 400 lbs Average 200 lbs
$3.50lb $3.75/lb $3.99/lb
$2800 $1500 $798

*Processing fees are not included in the above pricing. Click here for processing information. 

**Hanging weight is the animal's weight after it has been field dressed but before it has been aged, cut, packaged, and frozen.

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Whole Beef Grass-Fed Hamburger 90/10

Box 1

Box 2

10 lbs
30 lbs

Box 3

Box 4

50 lbs
100 lbs


Grass fed beef by the pound:

Roast $6.99/pound
Sirloin Steak $10.99/pound
Porterhouse $16.50/pound
T-Bone & Rib Steak $14/pound
Ribeye steak $15/pound
New York Strip $13.99/pound
Tenderloin steak $17.99/pound
Soup Bones $5.99/pound
Liver $4.99/pound
kidney heart $9.99/pound
Tongue $8.99/pound

We offer all cuts of meat on pre-orders and sell all cuts at Farmer's Markets.


Currently, for 2021 we will be in Spooner WI, Perlick Distillery Farmers Market, Country Lane Farmers Market, The General Store Farmers in Barron, WI, and Mid Town Farmers Market Minneapolis MN.

Contact us for any questions on availability and for pre-ordering.